Evening Escapade to Las Olas

I have a wonderfully awesome friend who loves getting together to go on photography outings. I haven’t seen her in MONTHS. When we finally arranged to meet up, I was thankful she had a good idea of where to go, because we’ve done the beach and different parks several times.

And off we went to Las Olas! It’s a super cute area in what is considered downtown Ft. Lauderdale. It’s kind of cool to get the city feel right in our area. Not that we live in the country, but we definitely don’t see too many high rises near our homes.

Here are some of the shots I got last night!


One thought on “Evening Escapade to Las Olas

  1. Really enjoyed this field trip, DeeDee ā¤ My favorites were the Telescope Shop, the line-up of sunglasses, the Dress Shop (both of them but especially the one shooting up which included the shoes!) … the corridor tilted sideways and the balcony. Oh, the black and white image of that huge metal thing-a-majig …

    Next field day? Carnival? OMG … the ultimate test … Million Mile on A1A!!!!!

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